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A family-owned and operated restaurant, Big Daddy's is known for its real pit barbecue. It offers unique local flavor in a neighborhood atmosphere and serves up some of the best chicken, pork, beef, and ribs in town.

He is the “Big Daddy” of the Real Pit Bar B Que, the Sage of sauce, and a successful restaurant owner. Madison “Big Daddy” Terry, owner of Big Daddy's Real Pit Bar B Que Restaurant in Enterprise, AL, knows his Bar-B-Que.

Shelley and Madison Terry

Prior to his restaurant ventures, Madison worked as a corrections officer. However, his passion for cooking feasts for family gatherings and church cookouts was undeniable. Friends and family strongly suggested he open a BBQ restaurant. Luckily, for us all, he agreed.

In July of 1998 he and his wife, Shelley, followed a dream and opened a small restaurant on North Ouida Street in Enterprise Alabama. This start-up allowed him to fine tune his recipes and make BBQ a way of life. That first location was not ideal and had cramped kitchen quarters, then in November of 2003, they moved from there into the new building that had finally become a reality at their present location. Visitors and locals alike flock to their Rawls Street location.

Perhaps the thing Big Daddy is best known for are his barbecue sauces which are suitable for everyone's taste buds. The Mild and House Hot varieties are available at the restaurant and through mail order.





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